So life is on pause for all of us… I have found myself stuck in Northern Ireland due to border closures and flight restrictions. I have been working on other projects while I wait to return to Malaysia, particulalry related to maintaining mental health during this crisis and period of isolation and distancing. I’ll post these here as they become finalised…

Stay safe. Stay home. Lets all get through this and support each other as much as possible.

Bornean indigenous knowledge and tradition – a dance between tradition and intoxication.

The Global Alcohol Policy Conference rounds up today. It has been a brilliant conference, over coming difficuties related to the corona virus 10 to deliver an important and vaulable discussion regarding the state of alcohol policy and research in 2020. Much work still to be done. Looking forward to the next 12 months and the adventures to come in progressing my research and getting the indigenous knowledge of the Kadazandusun out into the world.. supporting change in reducing alcohol related harm… and seeing improvement in quality of life in the communities I work for!

Next stop…..

In a few weeks I am heading to Dublin to present at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference. First though, I’ll be presenting a data blitz at the School of Public Health and Psychology research festival on Monday. Following Dublin I head to Sabah, finally, and pick up my life and work there. April brings a trip to Taiwan to conduct a workshop on Ultra Brief Psychological Interventions as well as running the route of the Borneo Death March in reverse, finishing with the 75th anniversary ANZAC day ceremony in Sandakan. May is Kaamatan and will see the beginning of my field work and a chapter of my thesis. So many things. So excited for this next chapter. Bring it on. I am ready!!!!! ❤️