Shut-up-and-write (SUAW) a lifeline during the pandemic

A lot of you will know me, I am loud, talk a lot, and previously was, and am again now, ever present at La Trobe events in an online capacity. This year has been a crazy ride for us all. In case you missed it, I have been stuck in the UK since March after attending aContinue reading “Shut-up-and-write (SUAW) a lifeline during the pandemic”

Pause on PhD to run an impact study on the Aussies Abandoned by the Aust Govt

Executive Summary:During the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions on travel, the Australian government implemented restrictions, or international arrival caps, on the number of people able to enter the country. This also included a cap on the number of Australian citizens able to return each week. These caps were announced by the National cabinetContinue reading “Pause on PhD to run an impact study on the Aussies Abandoned by the Aust Govt”

Eco- Grief: managing life in an uncertain world.

Eco-Grief How to deal with anxiety and grief in an uncertain future   The world has never been in such a dire ecological state as it is today. Scientists have called our time, the Anthropocene, as the 6th Mass-extinction event since the beginning of life. Species are going extinct at unprecedented rates due to human-caused activities.Continue reading “Eco- Grief: managing life in an uncertain world.”

First gig as an invited speaker … and 2 weeks until the next chapter of this adventure … people have been so amazing. I’ll do a post specifically dedicated to the awesome people who have helped keep me afloat throughout this last 4 chaotic and scary episode in this series … but for now I have to get back into Aust and survive 4 weeks quarantine on my own … feel free to make contact. I’m up for coffee chats, wine chats, venting chats, anything… I am eternally grateful to everyone who has been there to help prop me up while I find my new centre of gravity 🤞🏻

ORIGINAL ARTICLEEffects of Alcohol towards Quality of Life in the Indigenous Groups of the West Coast Division, Sabah, MalaysiaAsong Joseph1*, Helen Benedict Lasimbang2, Sandi James3, Chua Bee Seok1 (May 2020)

Webinar- Decolonisation

a-3-part-series-webinar-part-2.pdf The Executive Committee of the DEI SIG Presents:Introduction to Decolonization: A 3-Part Webinar Series Part 2: Decolonising Drug Studies: Victorian Aboriginal Women’s Narratives on Healing, Drug use and Drug recovery. Presented by : Dr. Stefany Brajanovski and Sandi James Date : Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Time: 7 pm to 8:15 pm (Melbourne- AEST) ToContinue reading “Webinar- Decolonisation”

COVID19 adventures in wonderland

Pandemic lockdown when not at home. This is the weirdest situation I have been in, ever, and I have been in some weird situations before. Originally, I came to the UK for a conference and a short 10 day visit to Ireland. That was the 8th March. Its now the 28th April and I am still in the UK. TheContinue reading “COVID19 adventures in wonderland”