Next stop…..

In a few weeks I am heading to Dublin to present at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference. First though, I’ll be presenting a data blitz at the School of Public Health and Psychology research festival on Monday. Following Dublin I head to Sabah, finally, and pick up my life and work there. April brings a trip to Taiwan to conduct a workshop on Ultra Brief Psychological Interventions as well as running the route of the Borneo Death March in reverse, finishing with the 75th anniversary ANZAC day ceremony in Sandakan. May is Kaamatan and will see the beginning of my field work and a chapter of my thesis. So many things. So excited for this next chapter. Bring it on. I am ready!!!!! ❤️

Published by sandijames

Graduate researcher at La Trobe Uni Australia, ethnography, traditional alcohol, Kadazandusun Sabah Malaysia,, alcohol policy, public health and medical anthropology. We also have established a Mindfulness Based Circus Arts pilot program in a rural school in Sabah. I also run ultramarathons in my spare time. My other research interests include injecting drug use, the war on drugs that is killing PWUD, and the decriminalisation or legalisation of drugs that are currently classed as illicit. I like to keep active and busy..

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