Winner winner chicken dinner … haha… this is a relatively big deal for me. Got offered the institutional membership scholarship but wouldn’t get anyone from the Uni to respond so have accepted an individual scholarship. after a pretty shitty start to 2020 maybe things are going to be ok …. now to get moving on my confirmation presentation which is on the 3rd Feb 😱 I am already nervous. Presenting myself and being vulnerable … not my idea of a perfect day 😂😂😂

Published by sandijames

Graduate researcher at La Trobe Uni Australia, ethnography, traditional alcohol, Kadazandusun Sabah Malaysia,, alcohol policy, public health and medical anthropology. We also have established a Mindfulness Based Circus Arts pilot program in a rural school in Sabah. I also run ultramarathons in my spare time. My other research interests include injecting drug use, the war on drugs that is killing PWUD, and the decriminalisation or legalisation of drugs that are currently classed as illicit. I like to keep active and busy..

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