And it begins, the journey to PhD candidature

I have just submitted my qualitative systematic review, Patterns and meanings of traditional alcohol use in Indigenous cultures after the introduction of commercial alcohol. A systematic narrative review of qualitative research. In January I will submit it Addiction Research and Theory journal, the first publication from this research and I am the first author. Things are happening. Next year, Feb or March I hope, I will relocate back to Sabah. Three reasons for this move: Sabah is the most amazing place to live and work and I miss it; my research is with the Kadazandusun culture in Sabah; and I hope to be back working in the Universiti Malaysia Sabah again and working to set up the psychiatric and mental health units in Hospital UMS alongside my colleagues and friends. I am also in disucssion regarding the establishment of a youth mental health service in Sabah, and a project to look at how we can protect endagered species through influencing people to stop eating them, somehow..

Anyway… as we leave 2019 and this decade behind I am really looking forward to the new and amzing opportunities that are coming along. I am excited to move into the next chapter and I feel like a blog is a great way to document the journey// and e=lee

Published by sandijames

Graduate researcher at La Trobe Uni Australia, ethnography, traditional alcohol, Kadazandusun Sabah Malaysia,, alcohol policy, public health and medical anthropology. We also have established a Mindfulness Based Circus Arts pilot program in a rural school in Sabah. I also run ultramarathons in my spare time. My other research interests include injecting drug use, the war on drugs that is killing PWUD, and the decriminalisation or legalisation of drugs that are currently classed as illicit. I like to keep active and busy..

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